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FROM THE HEART!September 8, 2020
This year has been a very challenging one on many levels. The global pandemic from COVID-19 reminds us that our human existence is frail for life is fleeting. The protests turned lawlessness reminds us that sin affects our reason and robs us of all civility. The outright violence and anarchy reminds us that a hate-filled heart will always override the senses of the mind. The silence of the church when injustice does occur, no matter what form it takes, reminds us that apathy will only fuel more injustice and our witness will be viewed as hypocrisy. This year has be a very challenging one. Now, add to this already difficult 2020, the political climate of an election year and the distrust of all things media. A climate that is filled with hatred, unreasonable demands, and outright lies. It is probably best to sift through the toxic material of the various campaigns wearing the appropriate gear. I am not referring to a hazmat suit, rather we must pray on the Armor of God (Eph. 6:10-20) each and every day. In his sermon series, Kingdom Voting, Dr. Tony Evans stated; “The further God is removed from the life of an individual, from the life and definition of a family, from the life and definition of the Church, from the life and definition of the citizenry of a society, the more chaotic those entities become.” I do believe that this chaos is evident in America today. The question is what can a Christian and therefore the Church do about it? Here are some suggestions I ask that you consider as you head towards the ballot box.

  • Get Right with God. What our country really needs is for God to send revival to His people. What inevitably follows a revival of God’s people is a spiritual awakening of the lost. The greatest impact upon our country begins in the heart of an individual, you. So, Get Right with God. If God’s people spent as much or more time praying for revival as we do fretting over the next election, I believe God will answer that request. Let’s be honest. That wasn’t the suggestion you were waiting for, was it? Get Right with God. Next…

  • Get on the Right Side with God. Confused? I hear you. So, let me explain what I mean by this. In Joshua chapter 5, prior to the fall of Jericho, “a Man stood” before Joshua “with His sword drawn in His hand.” I do believe this to be a Christophany (an appearance of the pre-incarnate Christ). Joshua asked in verse 13, “Are You for us or for our adversaries?” The answer given from this Man was “No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.” Some have taken the word “No” to imply that God was not on anyone’s side; however, God led Joshua to victory, not only over Jericho, but throughout the Land of Promise. A better way of looking at verse 14 is that God is the on the side of righteousness for His way is always righteous. So, my point here is that we are to follow His way and His will.  Therefore, Get on the Right Side with God by being certain that your views are biblically aligned. This makes that last suggestion easier, even in difficult times.  

  • Go and Do what is Right. It is RIGHT to stand up for what is RIGHT (Social Injustice). It is RIGHT to express your belief and to share your faith (Religious Freedom). It is RIGHT to believe in the Constitution (to include all Amendments). It is RIGHT to believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (all of which is snuffed out in the atrocious action of an abortion). It is RIGHT to let you voice be know through open discussion and through the ballot box. So, Go and Do what is Right. 

Perhaps, someone may be thinking; this sure sounds political for a Pastor. First, I do believe that even political discussions fall under the responsibility of protecting the sheep. Secondly, getting RIGHT with God, on the RIGHT side with God, and going and doing what is RIGHT, will always be the RIGHT thing to talk about. Thirdly, if you’re Pastor won’t address the issues, then who will from a biblical standpoint? If you won’t listen to your Pastor, then who are you listening to?

In His Service, for His glory,

Pastor Michael

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Jay Earl - May 22nd, 2021 at 9:08pm

Thank you for inspiring us about the sovereignty and promises of God today. We also enjoyed the meal and fellowship after the funeral today for Josh Rintelman. My wife and I are from Indiana and know Mike and Marie since Marie is my brother law Dave Janisse's sister. I wish them well during this difficult time.

In Christ

Jay Earl