Hurry Up and Wait

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Hurry Up and Wait
As a 21 year veteran of the US Army, there is a phrase that was commonly used, perhaps you are familiar with it as well. The phrase is, "hurry up and wait." Soldiers are often rushed to get somewhere only to have to wait for an extended period of time before moving on. Hurry up and wait. Sometimes they are pressed to accomplish a task immediately, only to find out that there was never a real hurry in the first place. Hurry up and wait. When soldiers prepare for an inspection, hurry is always the order of the day. Whereas, wait becomes the crux of the day and to be honest, sometimes the curse. Especially when the plans of the inspecting officer change and the inspection is cancelled. Hurry up and wait. What is often associated with this phrase is the idea of indecision, as much of the waiting occurs because the next step, task, or idea has not yet been decided upon. From a soldier’s perspective, hurry up and wait usually has a negative impact upon their life or at least for that moment. Now, let us examine this phrase from a higher perspective.

The Bible teaches us that the activities of tomorrow are never promised to us (James 5:13-16; Proverb 27:1). This establishes the importance of making certain decisions today (hurry), rather than holding off for tomorrow (wait). The decision to place your faith and trust in Jesus is always a decision for today (hurry) and is never for tomorrow (wait). Hurry, in this sense, does not mean you act without knowledge or ahead of the Spirit, rather such is the importance of the decision to follow Jesus that it should not be put off (wait) until tomorrow. Hurry up and wait in this sense is not a curse but a blessing. Receive Jesus today (hurry), then your wait will be focused and worthwhile; “looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13, NKJV). Trust Jesus today.  
Hurry up and wait!


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