Be, Know, Do

From the Foxhole to the Pulpit

Be, Know, and Do

            The U.S. Army does pride itself in the development of leaders at all levels. Although there is a recognized natural aspect to leadership, it is also taught in the classroom, developed in garrison, tested in the field, and realized on the battlefield. At every level of leadership, there are military courses and/or schools available to assist in one’s leadership development. These courses are often mandated in order for one to be promoted to the next rank or to fill a specific position. One of the first leadership courses for the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) is Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC). A basic introduction to military leadership takes place here and instructions includes defining leadership, leadership principles, leadership philosophy, the difference between leadership and management, core values, and other topics related to the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) skills required for the next rank. For the purpose of this article, my focus is upon the leadership skills taught at this early juncture of a NCO’s military career. Specifically, the Be, Know, Do Leadership Philosophy as outlined in the Army Field Manual (FM) 22-100.
            While I served in the Army, this basic leadership philosophy was taught at the entry level of leadership and emphasized throughout each level of leadership. The first area of this philosophy focused on what a leader must be. This included the beliefs and values that make up one’s character, as well as their ethics and responsibility. The second area of focus is what a leader must know. This area included knowing required standards, yourself, human nature, your job, and your unit capabilities. The third and final area of this leadership philosophy is what a leader must do. This is the culmination of be and know, enacted in one’s purpose, direction and motivation. Leadership is not ability and knowledge alone, it is also the placement of these to elements into action. Although this is a simplistic description of the Be, Know, Do leadership principle, it does open the door for a spiritual application.
            Our walk with the Lord is much like the Be, Know, and Do philosophy of leadership. First, we must Be a follower of Christ. Second, we must Know the word of God. Thirdly, we must Do the will of God. Again, this is a simplified formula and each element of this philosophy could easily be expanded upon. However, it does beg the question; what is your walk with the Lord like? The words of Christ as recorded in John 14:6 gives to us another way to look at these three simple words. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.” Jesus is the way, so Be a follower of Him. Jesus is the truth, so Know Him and you will Know the Word. Jesus is life, so Do the will of God by living your life in obedience to His word.  

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