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Recorded Video of Sermon:

Decemver 17, 2017     Christmas Cantata

December 10, 2017     "Joseph's Response to God"  Rev. Chris Smith

December 3, 2017     "Oh, the Wonder of It All"  Rev. Chris Smith

November 26, 2017     "The Conditions Before the Incarnation" Rev. Chris Smith

November 19, 2017     "Thank God for Whatever Comes" Rev. Chris Smith

November 12, 2017     Whole Service

November 5, 2017     Guest Speaker, Dr. Wayne Brown

October 29, 2017     "God's Teaching Grace" Rev. Chris Smith

October 22, 2017     "The Greatest Thing I Could Ever Tell You!"  Dr. Wayne Brown

October 15, 2017     "Living Doctrine" Rev. Chris Smith

October 8, 2017     "The Source of Problems in the Church and the Cure" Rev. Chris Smith

October 1, 2017     "Love Gives a Second Chance" Rev. Chris Smith

September 17, 2017     "Is God's Word Working In You?" Rev. Chris Smith

September 10, 2017     Guest Speaker, Chaplain Lawrence Dennis

September 3, 2017     "Does Your Faith Get Exhausted?" Rev. Chris Smith

August 27, 2017     "The Workers Promise of Blessing" Rev. Chris Smith

August 20, 2017     "The Resources For Building" Rev. Chris Smith

August 13, 2017     "Are You Willing To Work And Sacrifice?" Rev. Chris Smith

August 6, 2017     Guest Speaker, Dr. Bill Drees

July 30, 2017     "Did You Know Failing To Build Affects Others?" Rev. Chris Smith

July 23, 2017     "Do Your Efforts Seem Futile?" Rev. Chris Smith

July 16, 2017    "Are You Building A Shrine to Self?" Rev. Chris Smith

July 9, 2017     Mr. Elbert Smith, Guest Speaker

July 2, 2017     "Spiritual Freedom" Rev. Chris Smith

June 25, 2017     "When Does a Church Grow?" Rev. Chris Smith

June 18, 2017     "A Father's Responsibility" Rev. Chris Smith

June 11, 2017     "The Lost" Dr. David S. Parks, Guest Speaker

May 28, 2017     "What Keeps The Body Of Christ Out Of Joint"  Rev. Chris Smith

May 21, 2017     "The Most Relevant Book Nobody Reads" Sam McLellan

May 14, 2017     "God's Description of an Ideal Mother" Rev. Chris Smith

May 7, 2017     "A Call to Pull Together" Dr. Jimmie Harley, Guest Speaker

April 30, 2017     "Church, and Organization or an Organism?" Rev. Chris Smith

April 23, 2017     "Responsibility in Reconciliation" Rev. Chris Smith

April 16, 2017     "The Peace of the Risen Lord" Rev. Chris Smith

April 9, 2017     "What Does Not Belong at the Lord's Table" Rev. Chris Smith

April 2, 2017     "Faith In God Removes Burdens" Rev. Chris Smith

March 26, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 12; Rev. Rex Hunter

March 19, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 11; Rev. Rex Hunter

March 12, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 10; Rev. Robby Ott

March 5, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 9; Rev. Robby Ott

February 26, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 8; Sam McLellan

February 19, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 7; Rev. Robby Ott

February 12, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 6; Rev. Robby Ott

February 5, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 5; Rev. Robby Ott

January 29, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 4; Rev. Robby Ott

January 22, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 3; Rev. Robby Ott

January 15, 2017     "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 2; Rev. Robby Ott

January 8, 2017    "LIFE: DON'T LIVE IT ALONE" Part 1; Rev. Robby Ott

January 1, 2017     "Lord's Supper Meditation" Rev. Robby Ott

December 25, 2016    "The Wait is Over" Rev. Robby Ott

December 24, 2016     Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

December 18, 2016     "The L--o--n--g Wait" Rev. Robby Ott

December 11, 2016     Christmas Cantata, Rev. Rex Hunter

November 27, 2016     "Heaven and Hell: Part III" Rev. Robby Ott

November 20, 2016     "Great Commission Living" Kendal Danford, Guest Speaker

November 13, 2016     "Heaven and Hell: Part II- Now and Forever" Rev. Robby Ott

November 6, 2016     "Heaven and Hell: Part I" Rev. Robby Ott

October 30, 2016     "Entrust" Rev. Robby Ott

October 23, 2016     "Give God What is His"  Rev. Robby Ott

October 16, 2016     "My Disciples - Part 5"  Rev. Robby Ott

October 2, 2016     "My Disciples - Part 4"  Rev. Robby Ott

September 25, 2016     "My Disciples - Part 3"  Rev. Robby Ott

September 18, 2016     "My Disciples - Part 2"  Rev. Robby Ott

September 11, 2016     "My Disciples - Part I"  Rev. Robby Ott

September 4, 2016     "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Rev. Robby Ott

August 28, 2016     "Family Affairs" Rev. Robby Ott

August 21, 2016     "Armed for Glory" Rev. Robby Ott

August 14, 2016     "Suffering Well" Rev. Robby Ott

August 7, 2016     "High Priest of the Good Things!" Rev. Rex Hunter

July 31, 2016     "Issues with Authority-Part II" Rev. Robby Ott

July 24, 2016     "Issues with Authority" Rev. Robby Ott

July 17, 2016     "Live Up" Rev. Robby Ott

July 10, 2016     "Built Up" Rev. Robby Ott

July 3, 2016     "Under Construction" Rev. Robby Ott

June 26, 2016     Patriotic Service; "The Reason for Repentance" Chaplain (MG) Douglas L. Carver

June 19, 2016     Father's Day; "Mighty Immovable Men" Rev. Robby Ott

June 12, 2016     "You Remind Me Of.." Rev. Robby Ott

June 5, 2016     "Living Hope" Rev. Robby Ott

May 29, 2016     "Marching Orders" Rev. Robby Ott

May 22, 2016     150th Anniversary Service; "My Prayer for First Baptist" Dr. Jimmie Harley

May 15, 2016     Baccalaureate Service; "Celebrate the Next Generation" Sam McLellan

May 8, 2016     Mother's Day; "Celebrating Godly Women" Rev. Robby Ott

May 1, 2016     "Celebrate Our Leaders" Rev. Robby Ott

April 24, 2016     "Celebrate God's Purpose" Rev. Robby Ott

April 17, 2016     "Celebrate God's Payment" Rev. Robby Ott

April 10, 2016     "Celebrate God's Power" Rev. Robby Ott

April 3, 2016     "Celebrate God's Provision" Rev. Robby Ott

March 27, 2016     Easter Sunday; "Rise" Rev. Robby Ott

March 20, 2016     "Lord's Supper Meditation" Rev. Robby Ott

March 13, 2016     "Our God Cares About the Small Things" Rev. Robby Ott

March 6, 2016     "Our God is Healer" Rev. Robby Ott

February 28, 2016     "Our God Brings Life" Rev. Robby Ott

February 21, 2016     "Our God Provides" Rev. Robby Ott

February 14, 2016     "Our God Puts the Extra in Ordinary" Rev. Robby Ott

February 7, 2016     Message; Rev. Robby Ott

January 31, 2016     ""It's All About Love" Rev. Robby Ott

January 24, 2016     "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" Dr. Ted Mears

January 17, 2016     "What Are you Practicing?" Rev. Robby Ott

January 10, 2016     "Desire Me" Rev. Robby Ott 

January 3, 2016     "Walk in the Light" Rev. Robby Ott

December 13, 2015     Christmas Cantata, Directed by Rex Hunter

December 6, 2015     "The Joy of Christmas" Rev. Robby Ott

November 29, 2015     "The Hope of Christmas" Rev. Robby Ott

November 22, 2015     "A Life Worthy of Thanksgiving" Rev. Robby Ott

November 15, 2015     "Take Up the Torch-Part 8" Rev. Robby Ott

November 8, 2015     "Missing Jesus?" Rev. Rex Hunter

November 1, 2015    "A Few Godly Men" Rev. Robby Ott

October 25, 2015     "Take Up the Torch-Part 6" Rev. Robby Ott

October 18, 2015     "Take Up the Torch-Part 5" Rev. Robby Ott

October 11, 2015     "Well, What Do You Know?" Mark Powers, Guest Speaker

October 4, 2015    "Take Up the Torch-Part 3" Rev. Robby Ott

September 27, 2015     "Take Up the Torch-Part 1" Rev. Robby Ott

September 20, 2015     Chaplain (MG) Douglas L. Carver, Guest Speaker

September 13, 2015     "Connecting With People in the Ministry" Rev. Chris Smith, Guest Speaker

September 6, 2015    "Who Am I?" Rev. Robby Ott























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